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NOVEMBER 22, 2022
Depending on who you ask, success has many definitions. For many, success is rooted in finding the meaning in what you do. Whether what you do has a personal connection to your values or the ability to link your work to something bigger than yourself, connecting that to the right business model can be difficult.
“Your business is your emotional shadow,” says serial entrepreneur Gordon Burke“You need to learn to get out of your own way to successfully grow your business.”
Having built over 20 businesses since he was a teenager, Gordon is the first to readily admit he’s “made millions and lost millions.”
Fuelled by his past business and personal life experiences, Gordon studied Psychology and Human Behaviour for over 7 years to fully understand the human condition, and how it relates to personal relationships, business performance, and overcoming obstacles and perceived failures.

Having worked with thousands of clients in 24 counties within seminar settings, groups, and 1-to-1 coaching, Gordon is now helping business owners and those wishing to move from employee to employer.
Explonential focuses upon three core areas to success; mindset, business, and wealth. “When these three come together, explosive and exponential growth within an existing or new business venture can be achieved,” says Gordon.
Finding the meaning in what you do is rooted in your mindset. Gordon guides clients through six key areas. Exploring values, strengths, personal history, boundaries, interpersonal relationship cycle, and perception balance are the key to defining your ‘why’ – the backbone of your mindset.
The next step in creating explonential growth is developing a business model that sets you apart from your competition. The Explonential breaks this down into 11 steps by beginning with finding your higher purpose, identifying a need to offer a solution, to delegating in order to grow, being the middle person, and finally making yourself redundant.

The last area of focus in the Explonential approach is breaking down and understanding wealth. From managing your emotions, paying yourself first, investing, and building a legacy, Gordon deconstructs the traditional meaning of wealth into actionable steps.Whatever your why, definition of success, or level of experience within business, explosive and exponential growth is possible. To learn more about Explonential, or to get in contact with Gordon, click here.


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